The Leadership Game Experience

Challenge Yourself with the John Maxwell Leadership Game

Leadership is tricky, and learning to be a great leader typically takes time and practice. Instead of learning by trial and error, bulk up your leadership skills in a fun and supportive setting when you sign up for The Leadership Game Experience!

The John Maxwell Leadership Game was created to help people interact through shared thoughts, build stronger relationships, assess their leadership skills, and engage as a team, all while having fun.

Whether you’re a seasoned leader looking to polish your personal skills, or you’re on the lookout for the next rising star on your team, The Leadership Game Experience is a fantastic way to break down barriers and help your team thrive as a collective unit.

This is Not Your Average Game

Described by many as the best team-building tool ever, the John Maxwell Leadership Game allows players to learn the laws of effective leadership in a fun and educational context.

Based on the teachings of John C. Maxwell, this experiential resource is designed to help organizations improve their leadership intelligence and increase their effectiveness. The overall goal is to present players with prompts that challenge them to ideate in a thoughtful and productive way.

By spending quality time discussing the traits of what makes for a successful leader, players get the opportunity to gain insight into the perspectives of their peers, strengthen their leadership skill set, and bring their learned experience back to the workplace.

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NERSA Leadership Consulting, LLC

Raise Your Collective Potential

Not only will The Leadership Game Experience help you identify your personal strengths as a leader, but you’ll also experience the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of who your team members are.

Often, in the workplace, hierarchical and departmental separations can stand in the way of team members contributing their thoughts and voicing new ideas. With the John Maxwell Leadership Game, every question and discussion card is designed to trigger open discussion and honest feedback, helping you to break down barriers and overcome obstacles.

Great leadership is needed everywhere. The John Maxwell Leadership Game is a fantastic step you can take to advance and improve the leadership in your organization.

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